Golf Life Media | Action Television
President Action Media, Inc.
Executive Producer

Denver, CO

"Such a pleasure working with such a class act.  Henry is a true professional and does an amazing job.  In my experience he is a consummate professional with attention to detail in an extremely friendly and organized manner.   I really enjoyed the experience and Henry insured that our production went well through all aspects of the project."



City of Santa Fe
Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe Golf Course
Municipal Recreation Sports Complex,
Golf Course, & Fields Division Director

Santa Fe, NM

“It was no small task implementing and initiating a department from scratch, which is why finding someone who could shatter barriers and produce results was critical. ‘Ridiculously efficient, passionate, organized, informative, smart, EXTREMELY hard-working and creative’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Henry. Few people can roll up their sleeves and produce results in a demanding position; given challenges that included limited direction, constrained industry examples, a restrained budget, staffing deficiency, and ineffective/outdated resources.

In a nutshell, Henry has exceeded every expectation in this role and has become treasured for his ability to see past the bare minimum. His need for excellence has shown by taking on multiple roles, positions, and responsibilities that have helped generate both revenue and consumer interest. In my eyes, anybody who can help you elevate or reduce stress in the work force becomes INVALUABLE and that’s just what and who Henry represents.

I’ve been particularly impressed by Henry’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas  - even people who were initially on completely different pages. His ability to think as a marketer and consumer set him apart from so many we have worked with and that change has created a lasting impact many can both see and feel. I’m always in awe of his talents and his ability to find ways that break the mold. And, of course, his genuine nature and heart-felt presence makes him a joy to work with. He’s ONE OF THE BEST EMPLOYEES I WILL EVER WORK WITH and companies would be lucky to work with him directly; simply because he really is “AMAZING!


"Having worked with so many marketing professionals in businesses and government entities, I find Henry to be among the most responsible, competent, informed and collaborative individuals with whom I have worked. Henry’s strengths became immediately apparent: a deep understanding of advertising, a vision for brand and goals, a sense for presentation and effectiveness with a collaborative attitude in which he both listens and advises."


Hearst Television
KOAT Channel 7 News
Account Executive

Albuquerque, NM



City of Santa Fe
Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe Golf Course
Chairman, MSL Advisory Board

Santa Fe, NM



Fine Lifestyles Magazine
Regional Publisher

Santa Fe, NM



La Voz Broadcasting, Inc.
KSWV "Que Suave" Radio
810 AM & 99.9 FM
Owner/Radio Host

Santa Fe, NM

"Henry is just outstanding and rarely do you find someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about their job. He is an industry leader with a top-quality skill set and delivers exceptional communication. A true class act!"



Team Broadcasting, Inc.
ESPN Albuquerque 101.7 FM
Senior Sales Executive

Albuquerque, NM



Comcast Spotlight
Account Executive

Santa Fe, NM

"Henry is enthusiastic, energetic, and detail oriented. In partnering together, it became evident that Henry not only took pride in his job, but made a valiant effort in understanding the workings of media planning and buying. I look forward to a continued partnership with him in the years to come."



Fun & Games Inc.
Owner/Vice President

Albuquerque, NM



Santa Fe Selections
Travel Guide & Concierge

Santa Fe, NM

"I greatly appreciate being able to work with Henry. It's a pleasure to collaborate with him in our business partnership. He is always courteous and professional and he understands his audience demographic and how to reach the target market extremely well."


James Clokey

Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Office of Historic Artistic
Patrimony & Archives
Archdiocesan Museum

Santa Fe, NM

"Henry is incredibly creative! He has assisted our office in branding who we are and by providing a strong voice. Due to his natural creativity, his designs make the process simple. He is efficient at presenting professional options and offering us sound advice. We enjoy working with him and hope to for years to come!"



SFGTV28-City Hall Live
Associate Producer/Stage Manager

Santa Fe, NM



City of Santa Fe
Event Coordinator

Santa Fe, NM

"Henry is extremely passionate about everything he designs, creates, and constructs. His desire to raise the bar is shown immensely every step of the way and his creativity is phenomenal. Not only are his creations stunning, they also carry sophistication, class, and a one of a kind uniqueness that doesn't compare to other marketing or design professionals. His keen eye is impeccable-detailed to perfection-which makes him stand out."