I am an influential, multidisciplined designer & creative marketing leader that believes in the power of storytelling & the relentless pursuit of innovation.


Throughout my career, I have gained valuable expertise in media, entertainment, advertising, public relations, and marketing campaign management for a range of industries. I always strive to embody an undisputed value that blends high-quality content and simplistic elegance to achieve innovative brand appeal.

My goal has been, and always will be, to do it better than anyone before me. One who doesn't believe in creating or designing without purpose. I thoroughly enjoy rolling up my sleeves to create & execute a strategic vision & marketing plan by utilizing advanced forms of storytelling. I’m best connected to a purpose that searches for the truth while digging deeper to find & identify consumer behaviors that other’s often overlook.


It's the ability to showcase your passion as a challenger brand through being more observant, innovative and brave.


I've worn many hats and carried numerous responsibilities that have helped deliver unparalleled creative content to audiences around the world. So, what's the biggest lesson I've learned so far? That in the scheme of things, it's about a mindset, not a market position. It's the ability to showcase your passion as a challenger brand through being more observant, innovative and brave. It's why I dig deeper to find and identify consumer behaviors that others often overlook. And it's why I'm brave enough to question the status quo than follow the lead of others.




I spend my free time watching movies and TV shows, which is why I can quote almost anything I watch or listen too. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and exploring new places and restaurants; which could be why I understand brands cultures so well. I'm a fan, first and foremost.

A southwest native hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, I began my professional career in entertainment and have since worked with one of the world’s top entertainment and technology brands (Walt Disney Entertainment) and have followed the unexpected to pursue a career as a Creative Director.



"Although I've had a pretty wild ride in my professional career so far, my journey has not come easy. In fact, it has been one filled with passion and major obstacles. I’ve seen career hurdles and taken personal losses as a platform to grow, even in times when you personally feel like giving up or giving in. I credit my family, faith, career hurdles, personal losses, and countless hours of self-discovery and professional development for giving me the platform
I have today." -HGL

Designed/fabricated garments for
the "2018 Tony Awards"
at Radio City Music Hall
-New York, NY-

 promoted & built long lasting legacy/sports relationships as the university of new Mexico cheer mascot lobo louie

Promoted & built a long lasting legacy/sports relationships as the University of New Mexico
Cheer Mascot Lobo Louie

Executed & rebuilt public excitement that delivered brand preference for Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe Golf Course, increasing fiscal year revenue by $21,000+ and website traffic by 10,000+ in new visitors within one year


Worked with renowned companies
& high-profile celebrities: Disney, ABC, Tommy Bahama, The Jonas Brothers, Brian McKnight & Sheila E

 designed/fabricated garments for Grammy winner cece winans staple center appearance for "how sweet the sound"

Designed/fabricated garments for Grammy winner Cece Winans
Staples Center appearance for
"How Sweet The Sound"
in Los Angeles, CA


ABC Family Christmas Day Parade-Orlando, FL

Chosen to perform in the 2009
ABC television production's
"Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade" starring Kelly Ripa

Secured strategic relations with
Golf Life & Fox Sports Television Networks, along with
Santa Fe, NM Mayor Javier Gonzales to air featured TV segment on
Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe