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(C) Henry Gerard Lucero - About Me

A heated love affair of
sophistication, silhouettes and storytelling.

Renowned for his elegant approach and love for detail, Henry Gerard Lucero’s collections radiate style and sophistication — much like the women who inspire his designs. From Illustration and pattern construction to draping and final fitting, each step of the artistic process is a labor of love inspired by the light that is: a woman.

(C) Henry Gerard Lucero - About Me

I feel a responsibility to
make women look and

confident. Nothing is more

attractive than a woman who

dresses with purpose and is

unapologetically herself."

- Henry Gerard Lucero

Henry Gerard Lucero is a Spanish–European couture atelier that specializes in made-to-measure luxury pieces, and is forever guided by light: the morning star in his family name, the creative spark weaved into his soul, the torch held by those before him, and the glow of women wearing his designs.

Renowned for his elegant approach and love for detail, his collections radiate style and sophistication — much like the women who inspire his designs. 


From striking evening wear to stage performance ensembles, Henry Gerard Lucero celebrates the female form through silhouettes, custom fabrics, rare embellishments, and intricate hand-detailing. It’s at this meeting point where the stars truly align, and magic is sparked.


A labor of love and an homage to heritage, each bespoke creation tells a story of romance, culture, and history, threaded with the family name, Lucero — also known as the morning star. Handcrafted to last a lifetime, nothing comes close to the elegance, craftsmanship and unique light he casts with every design. 


Worn by live performance artists, fashion icons and notable women all over the globe, his collections share a common purpose: to empower women to be their truest selves.


Henry brings the warmth of his last name to elevate his identity within the global fashion and entertainment industry. His designs have debuted at The Tony Awards, The White House’s National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, and other high profile events.


His one-of-a-kind vision for these events and beyond acts as a north star for his success. His love of detail and design lights the way towards collections beaming with the timeless character and elegance that defines Henry Gerard Lucero. 


Best of all, Henry Gerard Lucero’s philosophy and creations encourage women to take some time, look up, and remember all that you are: bold, breathtaking and above all else, luminous. Surrounded by a glow that is instantly recognizable in whichever style — morning or night — she chooses to embrace.


Be bold. Be seen. Be you. Be the morning star!

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