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Dedicated to helping brands outsmart & outperform the competition


Seasoned CREATIVE leader WITH extensive expertise in leading and designing on-brand, on-strategy visual creatives.

Henry Gerard Lucero is a Santa Fe, NM based Fashion Designer and Creative Art Director best known for his timeless and elegant approach to concepting visual elements for on-brand storytelling.

Keeping authenticity at the forefront of his career, Henry combines a rare blend of skill sets - thanks to his background in entertainment production and fashion design - which have allowed him to surpass clients expectations, delivering a proven record of accomplishments for profitable businesses.

Throughout his career, he has directed all areas of business operations in fashion apparel design and creative direction, learning the ins and outs of brand development and management, while gaining extensive experience in live entertainment, commercial production, art direction, photography, media, advertising, public relations, event planning, analytical problem solving, and marketing campaign management.

Drawing experience from his Spanish European background, he has acquired an aesthetic for blending traditions of visual elements that showcase strong attention to detail and bold resoluteness; designing timeless and luxury made-to-measure couture fashions through the innovation of custom-fitted, high-end designs - constructed by hand from start to finish.​


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“In my eyes, anybody who can help you elevate or reduce stress in the work force becomes INVALUABLE and that’s just what and who Henry represents.”

— Jennifer R. | Marketing Director

"A professional in every sense of the word, his ability to network with the public and other business owners are just a couple of his strengths. Henry has an extremely strong work ethic, is a valuable asset and a pleasure to work with."

— Mike P. | Magazine Publisher

"Henry is incredibly creative! He has assisted our office in branding who we are and by providing a strong voice. Due to his natural creativity, his designs make the process simple. He is efficient at presenting professional options and offering us sound advice. We enjoy working with him and hope to for years to come!"

— James C. | Creative Strategist


Upon meeting him, I knew immediately that he was in it to win it. He is an extremely talented individual and has an eye for detailed perfection. He has what it takes and showcases the quality of work most professional companies strive for!"

— Adrianne A.| Film & Sound Editor

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"Henry is extremely passionate about everything he designs, creates, and constructs. His desire to raise the bar is shown immensely every step of the way and his creativity is phenomenal. Not only are his creations stunning, they also carry sophistication, class, and a one of a kind uniqueness that doesn't compare to other marketing or design professionals. His keen eye is impeccable-detailed to perfection-which makes him stand out."

— Monica M. | Creative Strategist

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"It has been a pleasure working with Henry and learning from his creative and professional demeanor. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done correctly. I applaud Henry and always look forward to his creative and intelligent insight."

— Robbie E. | ESPN Radio