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You had me at
first sight.

Henry Gerard Lucero - Black Couture Evening Gown 4.webp

Be Bold.

Be Seen.

Be Bold.

Be Bold.

Be The Morning Star.


She's unapologetically herself.

A radiant image of beauty untethered by time and place.

The first to appear and last to leave, she's ethereal, resolute and luminous.

She knows who she is, and so do you.

She's the light that illuminates a room.

Henry Gerard Lucero - Ready-To-Wear Denim Wrap Dress 6.webp

Beauty written in the stars

A woman in her element is the morning star; bold, breathtaking and above all else, luminous.

Renowned for his elegant approach and love for detail, Henry Gerard Lucero’s collections radiate style and sophistication — much like the women who inspire his designs. A celebration of the female form that reimagines contemporary couture by emboldening all that is feminine, unique and desired. 


Moved by culture and storytelling, Henry Gerard Lucero's work blends tradition with a signature sophistication unique to the Santa Fe-based designer. 


Hand-crafted to last a lifetime, each piece evokes confidence and dreamlike imagination, reflecting the radiance of its muse and the strength of her natural silhouette.


Find timeless character and elegance in every collection with meticulous attention to detail that defines Henry Gerard Lucero couture. 


From Illustration and pattern construction to draping and final fitting, each step of the artistic process is a labor of love inspired by the light that is: a woman.

Be bold. Be seen. Be you. Be the morning star.

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